We design our airframe, electrical systems, and software from the ground up. Our system is tailored to our mission.


We build our system from our designs. Students get experience facing real-world challenges dealing with the implementation of mechanical, electrical, and software systems.


Our careful design efforts and hard work during construction pay off when we go to compete. We focus on the AUVSI SUAS competition, and we are the only team that has competed every year.

Recent Accomplishments

1st Place - AUVSI SUAS 2014

  • Autonomous takeoff, waypoint navigation, search, dynamic retasking, and landing
  • All standard targets, IR target, and emergent target identified; secret message deciphered
  • Actionable, remote, and electronic intelligence objectives met
  • Highest accuracy payload drop; interoperability objective met
  • First place journal paper
  • Safety Award
  • Competed against 28 teams from around the world, including the US, Canada, India, Israel, Romania, and Turkey

2nd Place - AUVSI SUAS 2013

  • First year competing with Fenrir UAS
  • Autonomous waypoint navigation, search, and dynamic retasking
  • Five targets identified; high accuracy positioning
  • Actionable, remote, and electronic intelligence objectives met
  • Competed against 33 teams from around the world, including the US, Canada, India, Turkey, and Spain

Recognitions and Distinctions

  • World champions at AUVSI SUAS 2010 and 2014
  • Custom designed and built an entirely new system in 2013
  • Recently recognized in the Technician newspaper
  • Recognized in AUVSI Unmanned Systems North America magazine
  • Invited exhibitor at AUVSI North America conference in 2013 and 2011

2014 Competitions

In 2014, the NC State Aerial Robotics Club plans to compete in two competitions, the 2014 AUVSI Student Unmanned Aerial Systems (SUAS) competition, and the 2014 UAV Challenge Outback Rescue Search and Rescue Challenge (Outback Challenge).

AUVSI's Student Unmanned Aerial Systems competition was held June 18-22, 2014 at Webster Field Annex, MD, and will be in its 12th year. The NC State Aerial Robotics Club is the only team to have competed in this competition every year since its inception in 2002. SUAS emphasizes autonomous operation, from fully autonomous takeoff and landing, to autonomous target detection.

The 2014 Outback Challenge will be held September 22-25, 2014 in Kingaroy, Queensland, Australia. This year will be the NC State Aerial Robotics Club's first time attending the competition, which focuses on a search and rescue mission to find a lost bushwalker and deliver a bottle of water to him/her.

Our work

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